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Lost Parcel? Here Are 5 Ways to Avoid the Loss

Lost Parcel? Here Are 5 Ways to Avoid the Loss

Have you lost a parcel? If so, then you are not alone. According to a report published by Courier Mail, AusPost disclosed that 14% of parcels went missing in 2016. Whether the number has decreased or increased over the past years, it remains a concern to courier firms and customers. Without any guarantee that a parcel stays on track during the entire shipping process, taking extra precautionary steps to ensure a successful delivery is the best thing you can do.

You can take several actions to minimise the potential risks of delays and parcel loss. This article covers the things you can do to avoid any lost parcel before and after it happens. Continue reading below to learn more about parcel shipping in Australia.

How Do You Avoid Parcel Loss When Shipping Parcels from Australia

While there is more than one way to ensure successful shipment, customers and courier companies must use the method they think will work best based on their shopping requirements. From proper shipping labels, address verification, parcel insurance, and more—all this is helpful when sending parcels from one place to another. The list below will take you to an in-depth discussion of each method. Let’s continue.

1. Proper Shipping Labels

Compliant and accurate parcel labels are the best first step to ensuring that parcels reach their destinations. Although a proper shipping label is a basic requirement when shipping goods in Australia, some still don’t get it right. Labelling a parcel should include:

    • Return and destination addresses
    • Package’s weight
    • Type of courier service
    • Tracking number with a corresponding barcode

Missing one of these will cause a delay to the shipment, or worse, the parcel will not arrive at the doorstep of its current receiver, and it is the last thing anyone would want to happen.

Each territory has a standard address format, and it is essential to be acquainted with this when you avail yourself of courier services. Usually, the recipient’s name, street, city, state, and postal code are included. A more particular layout consists of an apartment or house number, PO box number, or business name. All this on the parcel’s label makes it easier to validate the address, leading to more efficient and high deliverability.

2. Always Verify the Address

Sometimes, typos, missing house numbers, and incorrect postal codes add more complications to the delivery of parcels and may even lead to a lost parcel. Avoid this by verifying address legitimacy before shipment. Check the address first to see whether it exists or not. If the location cannot be found, ask the shipper to correct what has been written on the label. When this has been sorted out, the parcel is ready to be shipped out.

Incorrect addresses can cause more than just delays in shipping parcels; it can also waste your resources and time. You only want the best as a shipping firm dedicated to providing fast and reliable services to its customer base. But how can you be on top of your game when an error such as an incorrect address hinders your operations? Don’t let this happen by ensuring you only ship out parcels with verified addresses. In the long run, you will see the difference brought by constantly verifying the address.

3. Use Plain Packaging

Clutch reported in 2019 that more than half (51%) of online shoppers did not receive a parcel they ordered in the past six months before the survey was conducted. Thirty-two percent of the respondents said their parcels were lost in the mail, while 16% disclosed that their packages were stolen. Another 29% were not sure why their parcel didn’t arrive. By assessing the statistics on stolen packages, it is not hard to tell the number of porch pirates (individuals who steal newly delivered parcels from other people’s porches) is on the rise.

One way to bypass package theft and parcel loss is using plain packaging with a label that doesn’t reveal what may be inside. Colourful packaging, flashy logos, and glaring advertising will only intrigue porch pirates more, causing them to be curious. A plain package will conceal the parcel and blend in with other packages in transit, which will not tempt parcel robbers to get a hold of them.

4. Get Parcel Insurance

Parcel insurance is crucial when shipping goods, particularly to online sellers and other sellers in general. More often than not, they take the loss and resend another item since the cost of the package falls back on them. But, with parcel insurance, this is not the case anymore.

Shipping insurance will add extra protection to a parcel in the event of loss or theft. When purchasing parcel insurance, note that the expense will depend on the value of the shipped item, which means that expensive products incur higher insurance costs. Although it may seem an expense rather than an investment, availing yourself of parcel insurance will be worth it in case the unexpected happens.

Moreover, the rates and the terms and conditions of shipping insurance depend on the provider. There are third-party services available with more options. The advantage of having a parcel insured is if it goes missing or is damaged, you can file a claim, and the insurer will reimburse you. While parcel insurance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it helps minimise parcel loss.

5. Communicate When Necessary

When a courier service provider loses a parcel, it does not only cost them money. The harsh truth in the business industry is that poor services will take a toll on companies. That is why communication is a vital part of the logistics industry, which goes down to the beginning and end of the shipping process.

Kick off a strong communication strategy by providing an accurate estimated arrival time. Then update customers of any progress on their parcels. Letting them know when to expect their items will make them feel valued. Also, give them more notification options to choose from for convenience on their part.

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