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Your Guide To Shipping Packages in Sydney

Your Guide To Shipping Packages in Sydney

As a first-time shipper, you should know a few things about shipments and deliveries in Sydney. Before going through all that, remember that most shipment processes follow an almost identical system that many are familiar with across different places. Changes are only a few, and it is easy to get around them. Follow through this content and find out about shipping packages locally or overseas when you are based in Australia.

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Packages

According to Effigy Consulting’s report, Australia’s parcel shipment revenue increased to 10.4 billion dollars in 2019, amounting to a market volume of over 596 million parcels, including courier, express, and parcel. The number shows that the logistics industry is portioning a large chunk of the economy each year and is not showing any sign of decline.

Moreover, with the increasing popularity of e-commerce, courier services also tag along. It is safe to say that many, if not all, individuals, especially online buyers, will utilise courier, express, and parcel services more than ever. Below is a list of things you must know when shipping packages in Sydney. Continue reading below.

1. Shipping Guidelines

First thing first—take time to check the sending guidelines before shipping packages. It helps with familiarising the size and weight guidelines, dangerous and prohibited items, and sending valuable items. Different courier companies have varying sets of policies when it comes to shipping guidelines, especially with the size and weight of packages. Reach out to the courier company you are shopping with to be guided accordingly. You may call them or visit their websites to learn more details.

Knowing the shipping guidelines ahead of the actual shipment date will save you a lot of time. It is also an opportunity to raise your concerns about the services and clarify things in case of confusion. In a way, checking the shipping guidelines is the first big step to a successful transaction. So, don’t skip this part; you will thank yourself as soon as the parcel you send arrives on time and safely at the receiver’s doorstep.

2. Packaging Options

Courier companies handle shipments of different items, from toys, furniture, food, and paper documents, you name it. However, every item will be subject to the shipping guidelines to ensure that they are not against the law of the country of origin and destination. The diversity of items being shipped in Australia calls for appropriate packaging options. Worry no more because every courier prepares packaging methods suitable for different kinds of items to be shipped.

Various reasons require suitable packaging methods. The first is to protect your parcels from potential damages during shipping. Besides that, the packaging also contains essential information about the item. When sending packages across Australia or overseas, choose the right packaging option to ensure proper handling. It is better than damaged packages, lost parcels, and other undesirable consequences of flimsy packaging.

3. Prepaid Satchels

Stocking up on prepaid packaging is a good idea if you regularly send packages. It saves you time because you don’t need to fetch the packaging from the courier’s place of business. With satchels on hand, packaging items whenever you need to ship is more convenient. Asking for courier packaging is common, and you can ask for them yourself. But make sure to get the ones you will use to minimise the waste of resources.

4. Shipping Labels

Shipping labels contain necessary details about the item you are shipping, including the sender’s information, receiver’s address, and tracking number. As a result, it is essential to print correct labels and stick them to the packaging. You can even write additional notes for the handler to ensure the safety of your package. In addition, other signs can also be included as labels that serve as precautionary measures.

5. Optional Extras

Unforeseen incidents could happen while your packages are in transit. The overall safety of items is not guaranteed, especially since nobody knows what the entire shipping process has in store for your parcels. If you want peace of mind for your delivery, optional extras are available to add another layer of security. It includes extra cover, signature upon delivery, and email track advice. It depends on the courier company and what additional extras they offer. Ask them about this the next time you ship packages.

6. Compensations

Have you heard of compensations in courier services? You can get compensation for any delay, loss, or damage to your item. Know more about this through the courier company you will be shipping with.

Partner with Couriers by Demand Express When Shipping Packages

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