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Legal courier service

Hire Couriers By Demand Express for the safe delivery of important and legal documents. We provide same-day delivery service for your legal & law delivery needs to get to where they need to be fast and hassle free. We have trained legal document couriers to ensure fast, efficient and secure delivery.

Document Delivery Service

Delays in any legal process may take a toll on you. To avoid that, send every legal document to the appropriate receiver with ease on time. Your best way around this is partnering with a legal document courier. Do not look far because with Couriers by Demand Express, and you will get reliable legal courier services for the value of your time and money.

Need to get a legal document delivered today?

If you need something delivered quickly, your best option is same-day delivery. Couriers by Demand Express is not only Australia’s leading courier service provider. We are also a legal document delivery company. We have couriers who have experience working with paralegals, attorneys, government bodies & private investigators Australia wide. We make sure that our legal couriers are familiar with legal regulations within Australia to ensure your legal documents arrive safely, securely and most importantly, timely.

Booking with us means working with a legal courier service that genuinely cares about the safety of your documents. In addition, our Document Delivery Service are experts and passionate about providing quality delivery services.

Track your legal documents in real-time

Availing of our legal document delivery service allows you to track legal documents in real-time. We understand how anxiety-inducing it would be to send a crucial document. That is why, at Couriers by Demand Express, we use the next generation of courier booking and courier services. When you send a parcel through our Document Delivery Service, you can monitor every step of the delivery process.

The Document Delivery Service you can trust

With Couriers by Demand Express, we operate with our customers in mind. Entrusting us your legal documents will eliminate worries about vague tracking, poor customer service, and unreliable delivery service. Just book a legal courier service, and we will be in charge of the rest.

Tips for a successful Document Delivery Service:

Document Delivery Service

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Stack it, wrap it and store it, not a drama for our team. Located close to Sydney Airport and Container Ports our facility can store your products for a day, 1 week or till the end of time. You have peace of mind that 24/7 digital CCTV eagle eyes are keeping watch, all while we maintain a dry and clean environment

Fleet Management​

As a business owner you need to be concentrating all your efforts into building your Google-esque empire and leaving deliveries to a trusted professional. We’ll manage your fleet while you manage your business.

Running a fleet of vehicles and drivers of any size is a massive cost. Staff wages, rising fuel costs, insurance claims, repairs etc.

Fun fact:

To have just one vehicle and driver costs a business over $80k per year.

An outsourced solution will improve bottom line cash flow and allow reinvestment back into R&D and marketing, allowing you to grow your business.

Couriers by Demand Express takes a collaborative approach. We ask the right questions and develop tailored solutions to solve your problems. We make it personal, we put people first.

It’s not just about boxes and trucks; everything we do is fully transparent and we are dedicated to going the extra mile.