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Our 350 strong fleet of delivery drivers Australia-wide means your delivery is always in good hands.

The 2000 Sydney Olympics challenged the status quo in the courier industry and from that moment on, Couriers by Demand has been in the drivers’ seat for innovation in the delivery service industry. Many of our competitors are looking to us as a measure of benchmarking their businesses.

“Creativity and Innovation is the heart and soul of any great company”

Our business as one of the courier companies in Australia is at the cutting edge with new technologies, new vehicles, new environmental solutions, and adhering to the latest legislation. As a team, we work together to develop new, creative solutions every single day.

we provide cost effective transport solutions based on the needs of our clients

our history

With over 350 delivery drivers across all six Australian states and territories, and a global network to deliver parcels internationally, we’re playing with the big boys now.

Our humble beginnings with just 2 delivery drivers, soon become ten, then thirty, then sixty drivers. The year 2000 saw a new breed of courier developing, being handpicked and moulded as a well-trained, adaptable partner in business, ready to meet the needs of clients.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, powering our Australia-wide delivery service, Express Same Day Courier Service and International Delivery Service, we really have got you covered.

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Day or night and even on a Sunday, Cubit and the team are here to answer any questions, complaints or compliments you may have.

We are an approachable bunch, but if you’re too shy just shoot us a message.

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Temporary Office Blackout

Couriers by Demand Express are suffering from a temporary power outage at our head office. All of our IT systems are still running just fine but telephone lines have been diverted to mobile phones. Ont hold timesmtimes be worse than usual. We thank you for your patience.