As the coastal capital of the Southeastern Australian state, Victoria, Melbourne boasts of a modern federation square development at the city’s centre, bars, and restaurants. To serve customers in different industries, Couriers by Demand Express provides an array of services, including freight forwarding and express couriers in Melbourne, together with same-day delivery and truck transport.

Known for its many lane ways, cultural diversity, and exciting business opportunities, Melbourne is dubbed the world’s most liveable city. This city’s streets are lined with amazing street art, and there is something for everyone in Melbourne. But whatever you do or wherever you are, Couriers by Demand Express can help deliver goods across every border through guaranteed and secure delivery services in Melbourne.

  • SAME DAY DELIVERY MELBOURNE: Our goal is to connect people and make a change in their lives through same-day delivery services. With our local couriers in Melbourne, we can aspire to achieve that goal. We provide same-day delivery to help customers save money and time. And when it comes to aspects like cost and schedule, we centre our services on efficiency and reliability to build trust with businesses, homeowners, communities, and individuals.
  • FREIGHT FORWARDER MELBOURNE: At Couriers by Demand Express, we provide reliable freight forwarding services anyone deserves. This results in customer trust, which drives us to move more parcels across many territories each day. The goal is to reach as many people as we can by utilising our abilities and well-thought-out solutions that work. No business is easy, and this understanding enables us to serve our customer base better than ever.

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    Stack it, wrap it and store it, not a drama for our team. Located close to Sydney Airport and Container Ports our facility can store your products for a day, 1 week or till the end of time. You have peace of mind that 24/7 digital CCTV eagle eyes are keeping watch, all while we maintain a dry and clean environment

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    fleet management

    As a business owner you need to be concentrating all your efforts into building your Google-esque empire and leaving deliveries to a trusted professional. We’ll manage your fleet while you manage your business.

    Running a fleet of vehicles and drivers of any size is a massive cost. Staff wages, rising fuel costs, insurance claims, repairs etc.

    fun fact

    To have just one vehicle and driver costs a business over $80k per year.

    An outsourced solution will improve bottom line cash flow and allow reinvestment back into R&D and marketing, allowing you to grow yourbusiness.

    Couriers by Demand Express takes a collaborative approach. We ask the right questions and develop tailored solutions to solve your problems. We make it personal, we put people first.

    It’s not just about boxes and trucks; everything we do is fully transparent and we are dedicated to going the extra mile.

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