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Sea Freight Service In Australia

The most common choices available right now are air freight and sea freight. There might only be two of them but each has its very own set of advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are a business that requires shipping internationally on a constant basis or an individual in need of international delivery, making the right choice is crucial.

There are countless benefits to choosing sea freight. We believe that nothing is better than sea freight if you prioritise cost and environmental impact among other factors. Air shipping, on the other hand, is perfect for individuals and businesses who are keen on knowing the specificities of their packages before, during, and after delivery.

However, if you are more concerned about cutting on unnecessary costs, leaving less damage on the environment, and more than sea freight might be the solution you want to look into. Shipping at higher volumes is also better with this choice, here are more things you should know:

Bigger Capacity, Bigger Savings

Businesses have to consider the long-term effects, while individuals consider their present budget. Wherever you fall under, you’ll find that sea freight is better at holding bigger packages for a more affordable rate. 

The sea freight Australia that we, at Couriers By Demand Express, offer is guaranteed to save you money relative to other overseas delivery options. One container ship alone has a carrying capacity of over 21,000 TEU.

Fewer Restrictions, Fewer Fuss

Courier regulations, international law, national administration, and many other overseeing bodies all have a role to play in the business of international shipping including sea freight. These governing bodies define and restrict what goods are acceptable between borders and which ones are not. 

With sea freight, however, regulations are more lenient towards the shipping of some products that are otherwise unacceptable in air freight. Products like gases, magnetic substances, biochemical products, and others are strictly prohibited in air freight. Sea freight is a good, legal alternative to transporting the mentioned goods. 

To know which items are acceptable for sea freight, you can consult our delivery specialists from Monday to Sunday.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

We all have to take part in preserving the planet we rely on. Every air freight produces immensely more CO2 equivalent emissions per tonne-kilometer than transport by rail or sea. Although it is the faster and more convenient, option, it also leaves more carbon footprint than any other transport method. 

The jury is out. Have you made your choice yet? 

Work With Us Now!

Courier By Demand has built a strong network of shipping partners over our many years of operation. We coordinate with them to make sure your shipment is safe, secure, and delivered on time from any major port all across the entire world. 

For sea freight Australia transport services, you can call on us to provide expert advice and quality service that you surely will come back to time and time again. Let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Help us improve by being a part of our growing team of trusted shipping partners and customers. Contact 02 9095 5000 to learn more about our services.

Global Delivery

We Also Offer


Stack it, wrap it and store it, not a drama for our team. Located close to Sydney Airport and Container Ports our facility can store your products for a day, 1 week or till the end of time. You have peace of mind that 24/7 digital CCTV eagle eyes are keeping watch, all while we maintain a dry and clean environment

Fleet Management​

As a business owner you need to be concentrating all your efforts into building your Google-esque empire and leaving deliveries to a trusted professional. We’ll manage your fleet while you manage your business.

Running a fleet of vehicles and drivers of any size is a massive cost. Staff wages, rising fuel costs, insurance claims, repairs etc.

Fun fact:

To have just one vehicle and driver costs a business over $80k per year.

An outsourced solution will improve bottom line cash flow and allow reinvestment back into R&D and marketing, allowing you to grow your business.

Couriers by Demand Express takes a collaborative approach. We ask the right questions and develop tailored solutions to solve your problems. We make it personal, we put people first.

It’s not just about boxes and trucks; everything we do is fully transparent and we are dedicated to going the extra mile.