5 Tips to Make International Shipping from Australia Easier

For many business owners in Australia, expanding beyond their borders is the great next step. However, this doesn’t come easy. There are numerous factors to consider, like how to ship internationally.

You need a strategy that works for you and your business to do international shipping right. This doesn’t mean that you have to know everything about international shipping from Australia, but it pays if you understand the available options. In this post, we’ve gathered some helpful tips and advice on how to successfully process international shipping.

1. Identify where and what you’ll ship

Firstly, you’ll have to identify which products you’ll ship and where in the world you’ll ship to. If you’re unsure which markets you should expand to first, no worries. Here are a few indicators to help narrow down your options:

Start small

If you’re just starting to expand your business beyond your borders, you want to keep the shipment close to home. By starting small and close, you get a feel for what it takes to expand your shipments internationally. Don’t forget to set realistic expectations for customers on delivery times and rates.

Identify the current demand

You also have to check out your shop’s traffic analytics. Identify which markets or countries are already visiting your website. While you’re at it, gauge interest through direct customer requests so you can sell to their market.

If you see repeat visits or high traffic, this could indicate an interest in your products or offerings. So, take advantage of it to generate sales.

Consider the languages

Communication is integral when making transactions and dealing with customers. If you speak more than one language, consider expanding into the countries that speak those languages. If you only know one language, expand into markets where that language is prominent.

2. Determine whom you are shipping it to

The world is too big a place, with many significant commercial opportunities wherever you are. Many small- and medium-sized businesses often start with customers from New Zealand, Singapore, and the US, attracted by the ease of shipping into these counties. There’s no doubt these markets make for great trading partners.

That said, you can start by identifying the markets in countries that have a free trade agreement in place with Australia. With free trade agreements, it becomes easier to move goods between countries. This provides access to simpler customs clearance and lower duty rates.

If there are items that would appeal to customers from the countries you’re looking to ship to, consider going lightweight. It will be more cost-effective and easier to ship lightweight and smaller items.

3. Familiarise country rules and regulations

So, you already have an idea of what areas offer the most immediate opportunities and which products to ship. The next things to check into are county-based rules and regulations. Some countries prohibit items—cosmetics, food, etc.—outright, while others may limit them.

That is why it pays to be informed on the rules and regulations that exist. In one way or another, they may impact your shipments. To help ensure smooth delivery, get familiar with these regulations.

4. Decide when the shipment needs to arrive

At this point, you must be wondering how fast and how much international shipping from Australia is. Do you need to get your shipments as quickly as possible? The faster you want your shipment to arrive, the greater the cost of shipping.

You can choose from a wide range of international shipping services from various shipping companies. Whether you want to choose the more economical ones or go for urgent shipping, your decision should be based on when the shipment needs to arrive. If you don’t require next-day delivery, then the standard international shipping is the most cost-effective choice.

5. Get your package on its way

Now it’s time to get your shipment on its way. Make sure to check if your goods are eligible to be imported into a given destination country. Are any of your products or components of your products listed as dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are defined as products that may cause harm during transit, so you want to make sure if your products can be shipped to the destination or not. The best place to confirm this is the destination country’s government website. If you want to take the hassle out of your shipment, work with a company to help you send a package internationally.

Other Factors to Consider When Shipping Internationally from Australia

Usually, the correct forms and documentation are automatically generated for you when you send your goods via a shipping company. When you use international shipping services, this documentation can be printed on any standard printer and electronically transmitted to customs. This is a good thing as there is no additional paperwork necessary.

Check tracking and insurance

Carriers usually provide shipment tracking. This allows you and your customers to easily see up-to-date shipment statuses. Apart from end-to-end tracking options, most customers prefer businesses that get their shipments insured.

By insuring your shipments, packages becoming lost or damaged in transit are nothing to worry about. Thankfully, global express carriers offer insurance. The insurance cost is relatively affordable and straightforward to add as it is automatically included in the cost of shipping.

Reduce shipping costs

Understandably, small and medium-sized businesses want to reduce their shipping costs as much as possible. While choosing postal carriers may often be more affordable, this may not offer you many options for package types and speeds. You can work with express carriers as they provide more service options and can accommodate heavier or larger packages.

They also tend to be faster. So, price out postal, regional, and express carrier options to reduce your shipping costs. Using multiple carriers gives your customers the option to balance the trade-off between timeline and price.

International shipping from Australia is easier with Couriers by Demand Express

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