How to Get Cheap Postage in Australia?

So, you own a business and have to order materials from different suppliers. Perhaps you run an online shop and have to ship your products to your clients wherever their location may be. But then, have you ever wondered about the shipping costs?

For most Australian eCommerce businesses, postage costs can be one of their largest expenses. This explains why those who have to send parcels from point A to point B look for cheap postage in Australia. If your business offers free or flat-fee shipping, then be careful about the spiralling postage costs that take a significant bite out of your profit margin.

Here, we’ll share some tips on how to save on postage costs and fees in Australia, especially if you’re a small business owner.

Tip #1: Consider negotiating with shipping companies

If you run an eCommerce shop and opt for variable-rate shipping, that could price you out of the market as the high postage costs are passed on to your customers. Why not partner with shipping companies and courier service providers? These businesses want your business.

They’re just like you – operating in a highly competitive market. If you’re a high-volume seller, they will do their best so they can win your business. So, put together a shortlist of your preferred courier service providers and shipping companies. Take the time to speak to their local reps and enquire about what exactly they can offer you.

They may be able to offer loyalty rewards for repeat business, provide incentives to sweeten the deal, or offer lower rates for high volume shipments. Remember, everything is negotiable! So, go for the best deal.

Tip #2: Use online shipping aggregators

When you use an online shipping aggregator, you can gather instant quotes from multiple carriers for each shipment you want to send. What’s convenient about using these online tools is that they can be configured to display the cheapest or fastest option for each delivery on each given day. That way, you can be confident that you’re getting the best deal on every individual package you send.

Most shipping aggregators you can find on the internet can be integrated into an eCommerce website as well. If you’re an online business owner, you can try integrating one into your own website so your customers will simply enter their postcode to instantly receive the best delivery deal. They can do so even without leaving their shopping cart.

Tip #3: Join professional associations that offer shipping discounts

There’s power and safety in numbers. This is true in life, and it also rings true in shipping. To save on shipping costs and fees, consider joining a bunch of professional organisations that offer shipping discounts to their members.

Tip #4: Optimise the packaging

The largest determining factor in the cost of delivery is the size and weight of a package. When shipping a package, make sure that the box size fits snugly around the product. Empty space is always a waste of money.

You may have to buy a couple of different box sizes, but the bottom line is that shipping small items in a huge box is not economical. You have to keep box sizes in line with carrier standards. This is for you to avoid getting slapped with extra fees. Even if you have to spend money on a few boxes, you’d still probably end up saving money on a high shipping fee.

To get cheap postage in Australia, you also might want to pay attention to the packaging materials you use. Talk to your packaging suppliers about volume discounts. You might get a good deal on a bulk order of bubble wrap, keeping your costs down.

Tip #5: Don’t forget about the weight

You know why so many companies use peanuts and air pillows to fill boxes? It’s because they’re really light. If you don’t want to go for this route, you can scrunch up newspapers or any light paper to fill the package nicely. You want to fill the box with paper so it will be strong enough to hold its shape but light enough not to nudge the scale.

Just remember not to use flimsy shipping boxes to try to shave grams off your shipping weight. Packages go through a rough journey through the post office, so their exterior boxes need to be sturdy enough. You also have the option to use a simple poly mailer if you’re shipping items that are not likely to be damaged by a bump.

Tip #6: Try pre-paid satchels

Shipping companies offer pre-paid satchels (generally up to 5kgs) for smaller items. You might want to speak to your preferred shipping company to see if they offer bulk deals on pre-paid satchels to high-volume sellers of pre-paid satchels. This is a great way to help you reduce your postage costs. It also allows you to offer easy, flat-free delivery of your products.

This option is good only if you’re shipping products that closely fit the standard satchel size options. For example, if you’re using a 5kg prepaid satchel to ship a product that weighs 4kg, you’re better off getting a custom quote.

Tip #7: Outsource the fulfilment process

If you’re a high-volume seller, outsourcing your fulfilment process can help you cut down your postage costs. You can turn to some companies that provide packaging, shipping, and warehousing services to Australian eCommerce businesses.

However, outsourcing the fulfilment process can be a tricky approach sometimes. You need to weigh the current fulfilment expenses against the rates a service provider can offer. Also, you need to have enough room in your profit margin to pay surcharges or any additional costs associated with outsourcing the fulfilment.

Tip #8: Take Advantage of Cheap Postage

It wouldn’t make practical sense if the shipping fee is higher than the total amount of the item being shipped. When sending items, you would be happy to forgo next-day delivery if it means paying less for postage. So, consider using the tips listed above to get cheap postage in Australia.

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