Check the Regulations

Since you are going international, you have to familiarise yourself with the regulations and guidelines for shipping to a specific country. Many deliveries experience delays because some countries had unexpected regulations that they did not foresee. This is why it is a good practice to know the regulations currently imposed in particular countries. 

Before you go for international shipping from Australia, you may call your nearest Post Office for the pertinent details on the same-day delivery regulations. You may also contact us! Our expert staff is adept at all the shipping information that our clients have to know. 

Fill-Out the Correct Customs Forms

We try to make your experience with Couriers By Demand as hands-free as possible, but some paperwork has to be accomplished from your side to verify authentication and to follow international shipping protocol as well. One of the most essential pieces of paperwork that you have to complete is the customs form. 

Filling out the customs form or declaration for all products, parcels, or letters you send overseas is mandated by the Australian government. When you deliberately or accidentally skip the declaration of the type or value of your goods, your recipient runs the risk of incurring some hefty charges. Our two cents? Check it thoroughly!

These forms vary in type and may get confusing if you are not familiar with the process. Here are some suggestions to help you classify your items better. For your package to be considered a letter or document, it has to:

  • Weigh not greater than 500g,
  • Be quadrilateral in shape or generally rectangular,
  • Be no bigger than 260x360x20mm, and
  • Be no wider than 20mm.

Still uncertain? We can walk you through it when you call on our services. 


Follow Size and Weight Guidelines

Measure twice and book once! Keep in mind that the shipping rate will ultimately depend upon the size and shape of your parcel or letter. Shipping overseas follows a strict guideline when adhering to the maximum weight, length, and dimensions for a specific delivery. 

There are many ways in which we could assess your domestic parcel charges, but the best way, in our opinion, it to talk with you about it. We believe that every delivery has its own unique requirements and we make sure we meet yours through clear communication on both sides. To know more about our size and weight guidelines, call our landline or shoot as a message. 

Know Your Zone

International delivery networks are segmented into zones. Aside from the type of item being sent, this is also a deciding factor in determining the final cost and the estimated speed of delivery. Especially when you engage in international shipping from Australia, each zone will come with its specific price point. 

To know your zone, you may seek advice from our delivery staff to make an informed decision.

Go Global With Us!

For international shipping from Australia, you can trust Courier By Demand to give you a hassle-free and convenient experience. For business owners that engage in retail or wholesale, transport or logistics, you can trust our expertise and professionalism to provide the resources you need. On the other hand, we also cater to individual clients for non-commercial deliveries.

Be a part of our growing team! Open day and night, even on Sundays, we offer you the delivery service that suits your time and budget. To know more about our international shipping services, call 02 9095 5000 or message

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