What Couriers in Australia Can Do for You

As we move to a more globalised society, the need for efficient courier services becomes even more evident in industrialised countries like Australia. If we factor in the fast growth of e-commerce, then it comes as no surprise why the volume of parcel shipments in the country is 1increasing per year. Without such services, convenient e-commerce purchases won’t even be a thing.

But wait, have you ever wondered what a courier in Australia can do for you, apart from delivering packages? Also, did you know that you can save a lot of money on delivery charges with the right type of delivery? We’ll discuss all that and more in this post, so read on.

A Look into What a Courier Does

At this point, you must be wondering, “What exactly do couriers do?” Simply put, they are individuals employed to make deliveries. From sending messages to delivering large packages, the types of things they do for clients can vary. Their means of transportation can also vary and often range from trucks to airplanes.

There are different types of courier jobs, and obviously, the one thing they have in common is making deliveries. While a courier mainly works for a courier company, he may also be employed by a corporation for internal deliveries. Whether you have packages you need to get delivered the same day or documents you need to send as soon as possible, you will place a great deal of trust in a courier.

In the next sections, we’ll take a look at the different types of delivery that a courier handles and how they can be of help to you.

1. They offer a standard delivery service.

From what we know, standard delivery services are the most affordable way to send a package. If your business is one of those that rely on delivery services, then this delivery option is your best bet. With this service, the weight of the package is prioritised over its size.

For instance, the package has to be under a certain weight to not incur additional charges. The threshold for large packages is usually at 50kg. Most courier companies follow a set guideline depending on where you live. You have to wait 2-3 days for your package to reach you.

2. They can deliver your package the same day you order it.

Same-day delivery is a more popular variant of standard delivery service. As its name suggests, this delivery type ensures your recipient gets your package on the same day as you handed it over to a courier in Australia. Same-day delivery service is a great option if you have an urgent agenda to attend.

However, this service has some restrictions. For example, deliveries need to be local. The sending address must be within local bounds to ensure your receiver gets it within the promised time.

This also applies when you’re making a purchase and want it delivered the same day. You have to call in the order and request before noon on the same day to ensure that the your local courier company can arrange for the route and acquisition of your package. If everything is all set, you can expect the courier to deliver it before the day comes to a close.

3. They also handle rush and on-demand delivery.

You must be thinking that same-day delivery service is fast. But you’ll find rush and immediate deliveries even faster. Your courier handles rush and immediate delivery so you won’t wait more than half a day to get your package.

With this option, it only takes four hours for delivery to reach the recipient. It’s the best choice for those who need the item as soon as possible. If you’re expecting important documents to arrive right away, you can go for this delivery type.

Couriers also offer this service for medical emergencies and other types of urgencies. If you need to return a delivered perishable good, then your courier can arrange this service for you. You need to coordinate with the other party sooner so your courier can get it returned. This ensures that nothing bad happens to the item while in your possession.

4. They do overnight shipping, too.

Most courier services operate from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. Beyond that, they take no more packages and focus on getting the last batch of packages delivered. With an overnight delivery service, however, the mentioned time restrictions don’t apply.

Couriers usually handle overnight shipping for businesses who can’t get their goods delivered during rush hours. If your business involves construction materials and other large goods to transport, then you may opt for overnight shipping. By doing so, your items won’t get stuck in traffic.

Some products also don’t do well when stuck in traffic under the harsh Australian sun. This is why couriers offering overnight shipping are valuable for businesses and individuals sending items at risk of expiring mid–transport. Just remember to inform your courier about wanting overnight delivery beforehand.

5. They deliver excess baggage.

Another great way that couriers can help you is by having them deliver excess baggage. They can pick up your luggage and deliver it where you need to go. You won’t need to worry about losing it along the way.

Couriers also ensure the safety of the luggage and make sure to add a layer of security to it. They often wrap these kinds of packages in protective coverings to avoid any kind of damage during shipment. Plus, it’s convenient on your part as you don’t have to carry that excess baggage around. You can easily keep track of your belongings being transported to the destination.

Why Choose Local Courier Services?

Local courier services provide a faster, more affordable, and more secure way of delivering packages and mail. With standard mail carriers, on the other hand, your delivery is far from the first priority and gets bogged down with a vehicle full of deliveries. Whether you need to send documents as soon as possible or have goods to be delivered within the day, turn to a local courier like Couriers by Demand Express.

We at Couriers by Demand Express can get your packages to their destination quickly, efficiently, and safely. As a trusted courier in Australia, we are committed to meeting our customers’ needs with our customised delivery service options.

Have a package you need to get delivered? Contact our team today.

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