What to Prepare Before Hiring Local Courier in Wollongong?

So, you’re ready to start shipping your goods to a particular destination in Australia. Maybe you’re not quite sure about the packaging yet. What things should you prepare before hiring a local courier in Wollongong and how should you pack all your stuff?

It’s important to take note of the risks involved when shipping items, like the item getting lost or damaged in transit. Nobody wants to receive damaged goods. Whether you’re a business owner who needs to send a package to your customers or you are sending your items from abroad, this post will tell you what to prepare before getting courier services.

What packaging materials and supplies do you need?

First things first, you need to prepare some packaging materials and supplies, which include the following:

  • Pallet – If you’re sending a pallet on which your packages will be loaded, it should not be broken. You can use either a new or used one as long as it is strong. You can find pallets in any hardware store.

  • Plastic stretched film – This material is usually for wrapping around a hard suitcase. It’s available in any stationery store, hardware store, or supermarket.

  • Measuring tape – Of course, you need to use this to measure the dimensions of your shipment. Measuring tapes can be bought in stationery stores, hardware stores, and supermarkets near you.

  • Duct tape – This material is also available in supermarkets, stationery stores, and hardware stores. It is used for sealing the box.

  • Packing peanuts – These materials are used for internal cushioning of the cardboard box. They’re readily available in hardware stores.

  • Foam – You also need this material for internal cushioning of the cardboard box. You can find foams in the same section as packing peanuts in any hardware store.

  • Bubble wraps – These materials are integral for protecting the objects inside the cardboard box. On your next trip to the nearest stationery store, hardware store, or supermarket, don’t forget to get these bubble wraps as well.

  • Weighing scales – You can find weighing scales in any store near you. You have to use a scale to weigh your shipment.

  • Cardboard box – These materials are for packing your objects. You can get them in any hardware store or stationery store. You can buy new ones at your local post office or you could get used ones in supermarkets.

Apart from hard suitcases, all other items should be covered with plastic stretched film before getting packed into a cardboard box.

When using plastic stretch film

Are you planning on putting your goods into a hard suitcase? If so, you have to wrap the suitcase in several layers of plastic stretched film. While this protective material is usually meant for kitchen use, it is also used when shipping packages. You can find a thicker kind of plastic film in stores that sell building materials.

Using a plastic stretched film is crucial to preventing damage to the exterior of your suitcase. Another thing to remember is to lower the handles into the suitcase to prevent them from being broken in transit. If you have a travelling or sports bag/backpack or a soft suitcase, make sure to pack it into a box.

When using cardboard boxes and other packaging

Before getting courier services in Wollongong, you have to see to it that the box you’re using suits the type, size, and weight of the items. They should be of good quality. These cardboard boxes have to be moisture-resistant and should have double cardboard walls.

It’s also very important to protect corners, surfaces, and edges. If you’re sending heavy content, the outer packaging needs to be very stable. While new boxes are preferable, used boxes are a better choice when it comes to shipping items.

Make sure to remove old labels and inspect the box for holes, tears, or dents. Some stores often have empty cardboard boxes and allow their customers to take home more. These boxes are not a hard find at all as you can easily find them in many stores.

When using internal cushioning

You have to remember that your goods shouldn’t move inside the box. That said, make sure that all empty spaces in the cardboard box are filled with proper cushioning. The cushioning material should fit the items being shipped, which means that there should be no direct contact between the outer packing and the items inside.

You might find Styrofoam moulds as a better choice for heavy and sensitive items as they fit objects precisely. When using internal cushioning, don’t forget to wrap and tape all sharp and protruding edges.

When using sealing

Secure transport involves having robust sealing. The box should be wrapped with duct tape, sealed well on all slides, and have packing tape. There should be three strips of packing tape that are at least 5cm wide across its flaps and seams.

As a general rule of thumb, you have to use stronger adhesive tape if your parcel is heavier or larger than usual.

Other Things to Remember

Always put specifications on heavy boxes. If you need to put a notice that the package might not be easily lifted by one person, then do so.

Don’t stick any labels onto your parcel. If your box has old labels, be sure to remove them to prevent confusion. Your local courier should provide you with the appropriate item label upon the pick-up of your package.

Pack a copy of the payment confirmation with all of the important details on top of the package. This makes the delivery of your package so much easier in case of vehicle breakdowns.

Don’t stick two or more boxes together with adhesive tape. If they fall apart during transit, the courier company may not be able to find them.

To be on the safe side, place the order for shipping at least 2 days before the expected date of shipment. You might want to be early when sending shipments during the festive periods to avoid delays.

Need a local courier in Wollongong?

As you can see, preparing a shipment is fairly simple. If you’re not sure about packing and shipping just yet, Couriers by Demand Express has got you covered. We offer same-day delivery as well as national and global services.

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