7 Times Next Day Courier Services Are Important to Your Business

Courier companies bring us another level of convenience now more than ever. The reason behind this is that alongside the significant growth of eCommerce in the market are online marketplaces. They pave the way for courier services like standard delivery, overnight shipping, rush and on-demand deliveries, and parcel services to be on-demand from the get-go.

But it does not stop there. Like any other customer-oriented business, courier companies always have their customers in mind and put their needs first. Because of this, the bar is set higher—resulting in more same-day courier services enquiries on every courier company’s service page. Now, almost all online stores offer same-day delivery to stand out in a saturated market.

Because of obvious reasons, it’s no wonder anybody would consider same-day courier services next time they purchase online or ship a package. But more than that, here is a list of other reasons why same-day services are essential to your business. Continue reading below.

1. It Gives Your Business a Head Start

When almost all online stores offer free shipping, competitive pricing, and constant sales, it is just a matter of time before you fall behind your competitors. Still, you can stand out in a saturated market by offering same-day delivery while you can.

Same-day delivery can increase your competitive edge up to 85%. Take note that this is still an emerging trend in which you can seize more possibilities. For example, more automotive sectors realise that same-day courier services give them an advantage, unlike those that do not offer fast delivery services. So as early as now, make same-day delivery an option for your customers.

2. It Builds Customer Trust

Believe it or not, customer loyalty has hit rock bottom because most of them do not stick by their favourite brands. A significant number of customers are now happily hopping from one brand to find products that satisfy their needs, especially when it comes to delivery.

According to statistics, fifty per cent of consumers abandon their purchases because of inadequate delivery options. This figure speaks a lot about today’s consumer habits. It only shows that providing customers with choice is crucial in building their trust.

If you have same-day courier services, getting packages to their destination on time is more certain. Most customers want their product as soon as possible. Hence, offering same-day delivery will make your business reliable and trustworthy.

3. It Promotes Efficiency and Productivity

A same-day courier service is more likely to promote efficiency and productivity with convenience at its core. This situation is a win-win for a business and customers alike.

As a customer, you are no longer required to track orders for days. Once your package is out for delivery, rest assured you will receive it within the day. For a courier company, same-day services require lesser time and resources to deliver orders from their warehouse to the receiver’s address.

4. It Pays for the Value of Your Time

Your dedication to using same-day courier services helps streamline the delivery process. That said, you may cut costs by reducing the risk of damage, spoilage, and missing packages. Although transitioning to same-day delivery may seem an expense, increased efficiency and customer retention will more than compensate the cost in the long run.

Courier companies already have the resources to manage the entire delivery process. Instead of delivering packages one-by-one, they set up prices for bulk shipping. Doing this simplifies the delivery process while saving money. Moreover, a simplified delivery process takes some of the logistical works out, free the workforce, and focus on delivering quality work and customer service.

5. It Raises Your Business Margins

Customers even go as far as paying a higher price for same-day delivery services. Out of 8,600+ consumers surveyed in 22 territories, 41% of them would pay for same-day delivery. In comparison, 24% said they are willing to pay more to get their packages delivered within one to two hours from purchase. When customers critically feel they need something delivered quickly, they go out of their way.

It is safe to say that customers are inclined to pay more than the standard shipping cost when their demands are met. The emphasis on same-day delivery on delivery options had leading courier companies re-evaluated from the numbers of packages shipped down to pricing schemes.

6. It Reduces Missing and Broken Packages

Whether you like it or not, lost and broken packages are part of the standard delivery service. But same-day delivery is able to mitigate this problem through a higher level of service and customer satisfaction.

The chance of losing or damaging packages and other delicate parcels is lower when you ship them through same-day delivery. Apart from the convenience it entails, same-day courier services cut down shipping time. Hence, it results in a reduced number of missing and broken packages.

7. It Attracts a Younger Demographic

As of 2021, the number of people shopping online in Australia is 22 million. The majority of this number are millennials, who are expected to grow over the following years by 17%. It is no surprise that millennials would highly prefer same-day delivery.

Growing up in a world where convenience is easily accessible, they would be more than willing to pay for whatever same-day delivery may cost. If you want the younger generation’s attention, it is only right to offer same-day courier services.

Ready to Take the First Step Towards Same-Day Courier Services?

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