Everything You Need to Know About How to Post a Parcel

Courier services have been an essential part of modern-day consumerism because they make access to different products easy, connect people easily, and create many opportunities like never before. But did you know that before same-day delivery or freight forwarding services became a popular means of transferring goods from one place to another, most people relied on postal services to send letters and packages? Although they took longer than today’s courier services, it was the best that they could get when it comes to sending various items to a receiver in a specific location.

The long history of postal services built the foundation of today’s courier companies not only in Australia but also in various parts of the world. While many post offices have stopped catering to postal requirements, a few remain in the business many years after their inception. Since the business industry, in general, is an ever-changing ground, post offices have to adapt to the current market trends to be able to meet customer needs effectively. So, let’s find out how to post a parcel in a whole new world of sending items across many borders.

The Difference Between Postal Services and Courier Services

Maybe there are not many differences between a courier company and a post office in terms of their services. With that as a common ground, availing of postal services today would somehow be similar to shipping goods through couriers. Still, some characteristics are unique solely to postal services, and the same goes for courier firms. To understand more about the differences between the two, it is essential to distinguish their services and how they provide them.

1. Services

The key difference between postal services and courier services is how they process the shipments. Courier services are requested based on customer demand. Whenever there is a need to send something from point A to point B, courier firms will handle, ship, and deliver packages to certain destinations. On the other hand, postal services are routine services, and they are provided by an affiliate company or a government-funded organisation to take care of the shipment and delivery across different countries and territories.

2. Rates

Although courier services are the go-to delivery and shipping methods these days, some still consider postal service for sending packages to a person in a different place. Service rates highly influence customers’ decision-making. Some customers prefer postal services to courier services with a cheap upfront rate. However, they get what they paid for. Packages take longer to arrive when shipping with postage. In contrast, courier services deliver parcels faster, depending on the service a customer requests.

3. Quality of Service

The more time packages spend in transit, the more they are likely to be damaged. That is one of the risks when sending goods through postal services. However, other options to choose from besides the standard service are faster and safer. Some post offices offer speed post to expedite delivery, making it more ideal when sending fragile items. Courier firms also have services that will handle packages carefully. Even insurance is offered to cover the potential mishaps of parcel shipment and delivery.

4. Network Coverage

The main challenge of courier companies is reaching people in remote areas that are not covered by their network. In contrast, postal services can send parcels anywhere in the world as long as there is a post office. These are a few things to consider when choosing what method of sending packages to choose. For urgent deliveries, it is best to work with a courier company. If there is no need to rush shipment, the postal service is the right option. Sending parcels depends on the shipping needs. Make sure to determine these needs first before shipping a parcel anywhere.

Posting Parcels in Australia and Overseas

Whether you are sending a letter or other heavier items, postal services can take care of your shipping requirements. You have two options for this: send parcels within Australia or overseas. It is vital to identify your shipping needs before choosing which service to avail of. Doing this will help you decide the speed, features, and insurance for shipping your goods. Check out below to learn more on how to post parcels.

1. Send Within Australia

Sending parcels within Australia through postage services is easy. Like courier companies, you have options to choose from. First is the parcel post, which is the standard option. You can send letters and goods anywhere in the country with this one. However, the package is only limited to five kilograms and is suitable for items up to $100 in value. For more items with a higher value, there is an option that you can avail of to secure the shipment. A signature upon delivery is optional, but it is recommended for additional protection.

The second option is express post, which is faster compared to parcel post. Before the pandemic, this service could even complete next-day delivery. But because of the current situation, it is not guaranteed. Only 80% of Australia is covered by express post, and parcels up to five kilograms with up to $100 value are eligible.

2. Send Overseas

If you have parcels to send internationally, you have an ideal postal service as an option. Find the right balance of rate, speed, and feature by comparing various services. You can choose between Economy, Standard, Express, and Premium.

When speed isn’t a top priority, Economy service is suitable for your shipping requirement. It does not provide tracking options. Otherwise, choose the Standard service. It offers optional extras and tracking. Express service offers reliable speed and tracking, and it is faster compared to the first two. Lastly, the Premium service is not always available, but you can check it out.

Looking for Shipping Options Other Than Postal Services?

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