Check These Things When Looking For A Courier Service

Looking For A Courier Service

Delivery services have become more and more popular among business owners in today’s business world. If you often send parcels and documents for your company, you must have used a courier service in Australia in the course of your business.

Due to the increase in business activities, a lot of courier companies have emerged. If you are looking to hiring one, it can be overwhelming to choose a courier service that suits your business needs.

While it’s safe for business owners to go for familiar branding when choosing a courier in Australia, it pays to do an investigation before deciding. To make an informed decision, you should consider your needs, enquire about the available options, and make sure you get what you need at a reasonable rate.

To help you find the right courier company, we’ve put together important factors to consider when picking a courier company for your parcel delivery services.

Services Offered

Different couriers provide different services. Some may not offer a service that does not suit your needs. If you wish to send a hazardous material or medical equipment, make sure the courier service provider you choose has the necessary resources to carry out the shipment safely and adheres to the regulatory requirements.

Perishable goods (e.g. fresh produce) may need a specialised courier delivery service. Courier companies that deliver these kinds of goods conduct the transport process in a clean and temperature-controlled environment. Therefore, when choosing a courier company, check out the services offered to see whether they meet your needs.

Areas Covered

Sometimes, deliverables must be sent in different parts of the country. In case you need to send a parcel from Sydney to another city, make sure to choose a courier company that delivers in those areas.

If you have parcels that need to be delivered outside the country, choose a courier service provider that deals with both domestic and international deliveries. You may need to pay extra for international deliveries, but it’s still manageable. Make sure that you choose a provider that can guarantee your parcels will be delivered on time.

international deliveries


Speaking of time, another important thing to look for in a reliable courier in Australia is the speed of delivery. If your orders have to be delivered the same day, choose a courier company that offers a same-day delivery service. Ensuring the company can guarantee the delivery deadline is an absolute must.

As someone who has been sending parcels for quite some time, you know how frustrating it would be to deal with late deliveries, especially if you need a parcel delivered urgently. A desirable courier service provider is one that can deliver on time.


In choosing a courier service, you should know their charges. As much as you want your packages delivered on time, you wouldn’t want an expensive service. The best thing you can do is to compare the charges of different courier companies and choose a parcel delivery service that is cost-effective.

Take note that several same day courier companies have hidden costs that make the service expensive than it initially seemed. So, ensure you get the fixed rate before any delivery service begins. Even as you minimise cost, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of services offered.


It’s important to know where your delivery is, especially when you are shipping delicate items. It’s tricky to hand over packages and never know the journey they will take. So, choose a courier service that allows you to keep track of your deliveries. A reliable courier company will offer you a comprehensive and detailed tracking ability that allows you to know where your parcels are all the time. Reliability is very important when dealing with urgent deliveries.

Handling of Goods

In addition to reliability, your courier company should have a careful approach to handling your parcels, especially if you’re shipping things that need to arrive in good conditions. In some unfortunate cases, items were found broken on delivery. This can be attributed to the mishandling of fragile items or using multiple vehicle changes to cut costs.

To choose a courier company that carefully handles goods, you should know what their previous clients have to say by reading online reviews. Customers always leave genuine comments.


A courier company should be flexible enough to handle several deliveries, especially emergencies. Choose a service provider that is willing to adapt to any situations.

Regardless of the circumstance, your courier company should be able to offer top-tier service to its clients. They should be able to get a driver to your collection point right away in case you have an emergency. When choosing a same day courier company, don’t forget to ask if they offer emergency services.

Additional Services

The services of your courier company shouldn’t not only be limited to moving parcels from point A to B. A good courier company is the one that provides added services to its clients.

Several couriers offer extra services like packaging, labelling, logistics, and warehouse management. Even if you can do some of these things on your own, hiring experts to do the task is invaluable. So, it is best to go for a courier company that does something extra on top of parcel delivery.

Customer Service

When it comes to choosing a courier service provider, you should never skip the customer service part. A good courier company exhibits commendable customer service skills.

People choose a courier company that they can get hold of on phone and that is pleasant to deal with. Your delivery service provider should always be at the other end of the phone to answer your questions and concerns and offer a hand in case of emergencies. Also, you need to know whether they will help with the loading and offloading of the goods.


It’s always worth checking how long your courier service provider has been in business and what level of service they provide. Ideally, you should choose a courier company that has been in the industry for a long time and has worked with businesses like yours. In that way, you’re sure they’ll handle your items properly.

Are You Checking the Right Qualities When Looking for a Courier Service?

Whether you are sending delicate items or in need of same–day delivery service, you’ll get the most out of the courier service when you consider all the options available before making your decision.

At Couriers by Demand Express, we know that each business’ delivery needs are different. As such, we deliver your packages with the utmost care and urgency. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and give examples of our previous jobs. To more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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