Surprising Items That Could Be Same Day Delivered

As evident to the growing number of things delivered to homes, humans are definitely creatures of convenience. Same day courier service providers helped usher in a new age of get-anything-fast. Because of that, people can get what they want in a flash.

The courier service is flexible and easy to use. It does not only send letters, books, and legal documents back and forth. A courier also takes on your more unusual items and makes sure to get them to the intended destination in the best possible condition.

So, what are these obscure and surprising items that they send similarly in the past? What can you get your hands on in a flash? For those who are looking to get any kind of item to other areas, your list of items might be one of these 8. Believe it or not, you couldn’t have them delivered to you a few years ago. Check them out:

Ski Equipment

Some people who worry about winter weather threatening their holiday vacation want to make the most of the snow by having ski equipment delivered to wherever they are staying. There are stores that already offer a personalised fitting of ski equipment by a technician. While you can freely pick up the equipment, you can hire a courier service to make things easy.

Through an emergency delivery service, you can avoid any long lines at the ski shops and save more money on shipping from the original location to the destination. What was once impossible is made possible by couriers.

SportsMascot Costume

To anyone who attends a sports event or watches one of TV, the next item might be familiar to you. Whether the costume is new and needs to reach a destination, one that has been repaired, or simply an older model which has been sold to a collector, you may be surprised how these items make their way up and down the country on a regular basis.

In case you are held responsible for this task, the best way to handle this is to find the right courier service provider. A quick and safe delivery service will not only ensure that your items will reach its destination in the best possible condition, but it will also keep everybody enthralled and entertained.

Kiteboarding Equipment

Are you an extreme-sports enthusiast? You will be delighted to know that you can rent a piece of kiteboarding equipment from local stores and have it delivered straight to your home by a reliable courier service. The service allows you to try out different brands with the option to choose how much time you’d like to rent the kites.


When it comes to transporting fish to different parts of the country, it’s quick and easy to hire a refrigerated van and get it to the fishmongers in time for their tea. But moving live fish is inherently more difficult than moving dead fish. You can’t just keep everything fresh and cold. In keeping the fish alive, you have to move it with a large amount of water.

There can be several reasons as to why you might need a live fish sent somewhere new. Whatever your reason is, finding the right courier company to help is entirely another matter. Choose a courier company that gives the kind of care and attention that make a significant difference.

Wedding dress

When you are planning a wedding, you will quickly know how important the dress is for the entire ceremony. Much of the wedding preparation revolves around ensuring that the right dress is available for the right woman and making sure that it gets to the right place on its best condition is an absolute essential.

So, as a wedding organiser, you must find a quick and trustworthy way to make sure the wedding dress gets to the bride on time. Hiring a dependable courier service is the most ideal solution.


As a decidedly delicate and symbolic matter of affairs, ashes must be properly and safely transported. Regardless of the reasons why a cremation urn must make its way to a particular destination, knowing how to handle an item with care and responsibility is important. As such, find a local courier company that you can trust to handle the job.

An excellent courier makes sure that the ashes are always under the best possible conditions. The company knows that the items have a great deal of sentimental value and understands the complexities and the importance of the delivery. So, make sure to find a courier that not only deliver quality service but also understands.

Women’s Hygiene Products

Because people are living in a convenient world today, they can buy their needs and wants online. For women who find it uncomfortable to go to physical stores and buy hygiene products, you will most definitely enjoy this service. When you order online, retailers use a courier service to make the whole delivery process quick, easy, and discreet. Through the help of a courier service, you’ll be surprised that your orders are already knocking at your door.


Out of all the coolest, strangest, and most surprising things you can have same day delivered these days, nothing beats a pet. Some animal shelters or rescue organisations do not offer a delivery service, which is why they hire a courier service to send your adopted pets. So, you do not have to worry about who and where to pick up your new fur baby. The courier company will make any transaction as easy as possible for you.

Key Takeaways!

Things in the courier world have truly become weirder and more surprising. In this convenient and accessible time, there’s no limit to the human imagination. So, there are no boundaries on the kinds of items that the general public ask couriers to deliver.

Is there anything you want to deliver? No matter what items you want to send, they will reach its destination quickly through our same day courier service. Couriers by Demand Express is here to make every delivery possible and easy. Contact us today to know more about services.

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