National Delivery Service: How We Do It

From human messengers that traversed many miles just to get messages to their recipients, to the homing pigeons that were trained to quickly deliver messages and packages, the system of delivering goods has tested the limits of human creativity. We even used camels and dogs for this purpose. But we did not stop there.

Nowadays, we are flooded with technological devices that allow us to get what we want in an instant. We have messaging apps to send messages within seconds, smart applications to order food online, and many others. Delivery personnel is provided with trucks and motorcycles to make sure they get their deliveries safely and on time.

This wasn’t always the case. Before, you have to wait for months on end for a parcel or a letter to arrive. The courier industry has evolved since then. Times truly have changed. And in this article, we take you through the journey of how national delivery service has change through the years.

Then: Animals Played an Important Role

National delivery service and the courier service industry itself would not have been as popular and as enduring as it is today without the help of animals. Before the invention of four-wheeled motor vehicles, we relied heavily on the brute strength of animals to get the parcels from one point to another.

Camels, for instance, were widely used in Australia to carry mail and parcels for interstate transactions. When the railroads rolled along however, the use of camels for transport quickly decelerated since the former was faster and cheaper.

Another staple in the Australian courier service industry in the late 1800s were dogs that pulled a sled carrying all the mails and parcels. During these times, ten dogs can pull a load carrying up to 700lbs worth of weight!

Now: Drones and Other High-Tech Devices Abound

In the early 1900s, trucks became the main mode of transport for parcels and mails. Not only were these faster, but they were considerably easier to maintain as well. The national delivery service industry took off from that first step of industrialisation.

Now, some courier companies have even developed drones to aid their delivery load. The estimates for these deliveries are also more accurate today. Aided with technology, we just continue to prove that convenience is within reach.

Then: Deliveries Took Months or More

There was no quick way of knowing when your delivery would arrive its destination. You are only provided with estimates that are easily affected by bad weather and other unfortunate conditions (like a camel dying halfway through the trip). Even worse, messengers get lost or sometimes get robbed along the way too!

Because the main transport at that time were either humans or animals, national delivery service took days to months to arrive. They have to trudge through many landscapes on many nights. You just have to choose a reputable messenger, but at that time, there were hardly any.

Now: Same Day Deliveries are the Norm

People have an easier time tracking their packages. From the convenience of their own mobile phones, they can now check the location of their parcels in real-time. They can even receive a confirmation text from the recipient just as an added security feature.

As previously mentioned, courier personnel are now equipped with trucks and motorcycles. Speaking of courier personnel, the delivery staff nowadays has easy access to GPS which helps them in navigating difficult roads. They practically never get lost! All these various modes of transportation and technology contributed to a speedier delivery time and more satisfied customers.

Then: Limited Shipping Options

In the early years of the courier industry, your shipping options were limited to either shipping on land or on water. Both take a long time. Both cost a lot. If you want to send something, you have to send it at your own risk.

Technology wasn’t as good as it is now and the delivery options were limited to the standard ones namely, country to country or national delivery. There weren’t any same-day delivery services or fleet management services. You were limited to the options presented. There wasn’t any way to circumvent around this problem until the invention of commercial planes that were especially for cargo.

Now: Various Shipping Options to Choose From

Today, you now have plenty of options for your delivery needs. You can choose to have it shipped through land, water, or air. You have the option to get your items delivered within the same day or within 3-5 business days. Everything is fast and easy!

One thing remains unchanged: even to this day, you still have to be keen when it comes to choosing a courier company. Companies that are not up to the current standards still exist, and if you don’t do your research, you might find yourself mulling over your lost or undelivered parcel. Do your homework and choose the best; choose Couriers by Demand Express.

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