Tips for Shipping Items Nationally

With the advent of online shipping solutions, more and more people are shipping down than ever. The wide network of professional carriers in the country has given Aussies a convenient way to transport large items, goods, or oversized parcels that traditional delivery services don’t accept.

However, a lot can happen between Point A, when a package or an order leaves your hands, and Point B, when it arrives at the recipient’s door. That’s why you need to know some important things to consider when availing of a national delivery service in shipping items within Australia.

In this article, we will take the mystery out of the process. We will provide you with tips to help you get started with national shipping. In this way, you can make sure that your packages arrive at their destination safely.

Pick Items Wisely

Not everything you wish to deliver is a good candidate for national trade. It is important to note that the customs are notoriously stringent.

The rules and regulations for clearing goods are more extensive than in many other countries. For instance, all biological goods are restricted, with most of them being completely prohibited. You cannot ship plants, seeds, and wooden goods. Pallets are also not allowed unless you send it with a fumigation certificate.

There’s another set of goods you cannot send via a courier, too. Most of these are not safe to carry, such as ink or toner cartridges, liquid batteries, white goods, money, and negotiable items, and pornographic materials.

There are some rules to keep in mind when shipping food and other care packages, especially when you’re sending them on a long journey. Besides ensuring that the goods won’t reach an expiration date within the period of delivery, you should also:

  • Send store-bought food in its original packaging;
  • Make sure that the food label doesn’t leave a single ingredient;
  • Ensure that it doesn’t include meat, dairy, or seafood; and
  • Unpack homemade goodies.

While the country has set standards, it is important to search for every state or city’s rules in shipping. Generally, focus on relatively light and easy-to-ship items.

Package Items Properly

If you send items bare, it might get damaged in the process. Not every courier has the same level of respect for your packages. That’s why it’s best to pack things accordingly to make sure that everything is well protected.

When packing small and breakable items, use bubble wrap to protect it. You may place them in a brand-new cardboard box to contain and ensure that they do not break. When sending a sharp object, make sure that it is securely wrapped in padding.

For bigger and heavier items, prepare to pack them as carefully as you can to keep them intact and safe during the journey. Here are some quick protective packaging tips to help you:

  • Use cushioning materials such as foams, newspaper, and cardboard dividers.
  • Pick a brand-new box that suits the size of your package. The tighter the fit, the lower the risk of your items moving around and breaking.
  • Use high-quality tape or glue to secure the box and keep your items safe in transit. You can’t risk the box opening at any point.

Take a significant amount of time to pack your items. After all, perfect packaging is the key to making sure that your goods arrive safely.

Figure Out the Shipping Price

After you’ve finished choosing items and packing them, start figuring out the shipping prices. Take the following steps to help you:

  • Weigh your package. Place it in the box or bag you intend to ship it, along with additional packaging required. It may be beneficial to invest in a set of kitchen scales for your workspace. Don’t forget to make a note of the weight.
  • Go to the nearest postage calculator. Enter your destination place, the dimensions of your package, and the calculated weight. The postage calculator will give you the quotes for various shipping options. Consider the most cost-effective shipping option.
  • Mention in your listings and policies the shipping option you’ve chosen. Tell the recipient to contact you if they’d like a quote that includes tracking and/or insurance with the package.
  • Add the state or city’s pricing under the shipping section once you have the shipping quote. Then consider creating shipping profiles so you can easily add the prices to future listings.

Choose the Right Courier

So you’ve sorted out your shipping prices. Now what? Look for a reliable courier company. Some courier companies in Australia provide a nationwide delivery service. But you should look at the one that meets the standards; one that ensures safe and timely delivery. Here are important factors that you have to check before choosing a courier company:


It’s disheartening when promises to your clients or package recipients are not fulfilled due to unreliable dispatch firms. To avoid this, consider a company with first-hand experience in national delivery. Read online reviews and ask for previous clients’ opinion to make decisions on this case.


How soon do your customers need your products? How fast can agents leave the delivery firm to send your items? How many personnel do they have? Do they maintain a long-standing reputation in fast delivery service?

When deciding on delivery service, take into careful consideration the preceding questions. If your parcels must get to the recipient as soon as possible, hire a company, like Couriers By Demand, that offers a same-day delivery service.


Delivering damaged products will not only harm you economically but will also stain your image to your customers. In sending delicate products, hire a dispatch service that values careful handling.

Insurance Cover

Sending products around the country can be complicated. It’s your passion and lifeblood that‘s sent down under, so you must always keep your products safe at all costs. One thing that can keep your mind at ease is package insurance.

Transporting packages to different parts of Australia will require a trustworthy delivery company. You need not look any further. Couriers By Demand is your trusted courier service partner that carefully handles your delivery needs from start to finish. With our same-day and national delivery service, you’ll have the competitive advantage to make a lasting impression to your customers.

Mystery Solved

Now that you’ve learned what can happen between point A and point B, shipping items nationally with the help of a dependable national delivery service is made easier and more effective.

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