Tips to Prepare Shipping of Large Items in Australia

Shipping large items can be a challenge, especially to a merchant. Although buyers, too, can get perplexed on how they can effectively ship large packages to their destinations, merchants are affected mainly by the complexity of shipping large items in Australia.

There are many courier companies in the country that offer the cheapest ways to ship large packages. While shipping cost is one of the things to consider when picking a courier, it must not be the only basis.

Whether you are shipping large items locally or overseas, it is vital to learn the specifications and limitations of large items. Package weight and size guidelines may vary depending on which courier company you avail services of.

Fret not, though, because this article will help you get started on how to ship large items in Australia. Stay tuned if you want to learn tips to prepare the shipping of large items.

How to Get Started

You should keep in mind many things when shipping large items—such as the shipping cost, delivery duration, and safety during delivery. But with a suitable courier and packaging, you don’t have to worry about all this. Regardless of the help, first things first. Before shipping large items, get a quote first from a reliable courier company.

Some courier agencies provide an obligation-free quote. You can take advantage of this to determine how much you would pay in exchange for certain courier services.

But it is not always offered by courier companies. If you reach out to a courier company, make sure you know whether you are obliged to proceed with the entire shipping process once a quote is issued. Otherwise, you will put yourself into something that you are not prepared for.

To get an accurate quote, provide the right information to the local express courier you will work with. This information will be factored in, upon which the shipping costs will be based. The courier company’s shipping costs vary based on package size, weight, and destination differ. Also, each shipping requirement requires specific courier solutions, which also contributes to the varying shipping fees.

Begin collating shipping information by determining your package’s weight. Then follow that by getting the dimension of the box. An accurate quote isn’t complete without a proper label of where you are shipping from and the destination. So, don’t forget to indicate these details, too. If applicable, provide the date when you want the package to arrive at its respective destination.

Get a Quote from Different Courier Service Providers

Now that you know the steps to get an accurate quote, let us tell you the tips on getting multiple quotations from different courier companies in Australia.

The first thing you should do is start with what you already know. We mean that if you have worked with a courier company prior to this, don’t think twice about reaching out to them. You have an advantage because you know their services already, and you have experience with how they handle shipping large items in Australia. However, don’t risk availing yourself of courier services you feel dissatisfied with because it is not worth your money and time the second time around.

Besides this, doing your own research can also help you discover other reliable providers. Check out Google or other easily accessible search engines and use keywords, like “shipping large items in Australia,” “courier services near me,” or “affordable courier services”. When you have successfully generated results, explore pages beyond the first page. Although the first page provides high-ranking results, you might find a more suitable courier service provider that can give you a quote on the second page or so.

The last thing you can do to get a quote is through word of mouth. Save your worries now if this is your first time shipping large items in Australia because some of the best recommendations come from family members, friends, colleagues, or business partners. Don’t hesitate to let them know that you are looking into more ways to ship items, particularly with an unconventional size and weight.

Other Things to Consider If You’re Shipping Large Items in Australia

Even if you have already done your part to secure your items, it is a smart move to talk with your courier of choice to discuss other essential things. Let them take a closer look at your items to determine whether they can be shipped or not, specifically packages that contain liquids, dangerous goods, or other potentially restricted items. Doing this does not only prevent you from facing severe customs issues; it also saves your resources.

According to recent statistics, only one out of ten boxes get damaged during shipping. Despite that, adding another layer of protection to your items will give you peace of mind.

But before you consider purchasing insurance, ensure that you go through the list of what items are prohibited and can’t be insured. When you protect your items from loss or damages, it allows you to request a refund and regain the value of your items in case things don’t go well as expected.

When Shipping Large Items, Always Get the Packaging Right

Packaging plays a vital role in the safety of large items while being transferred from one place to another. That is why it is one thing that you should put a lot of consideration into.

Given that your items are large and bulky, the chances are you would want to ensure that it is placed inside a box that can withstand drastic movements and force. If you have seen handlers flinging boxes at each other, it seems the same case your package will go through.

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